100% Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

By definition, dry-cleaning is a cleaning process for clothing with a chemical solvent other than water. It is used to clean fabrics that degrade in water, and delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the rough treatment of a typical washing machine and clothes dryer. Now, take a moment to think about the technological advancements that have taken place with your washing machine over the past 30 years and imagine if you were still using that machine today. Due to the high cost of equipment, that’s commonplace in the dry-cleaning industry. All dry cleaners are not created equal and here at Lapels, we utilize the most sophisticated and newest equipment available as well as 100% non-toxic cleaning solutions. We can dry-clean virtually any garment you own from executive shirts to other fine garments including blouses, suits, shirts, dresses, coats and sweaters to name a few.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is a cleaning process utilized for treating sensitive textiles (e.g. wool, silk, rayon, & linen). Some of the most incredible advances in wet-cleaning equipment have taken place in the past few years. Wet cleaning machines designed today can allow some of the most delicate items to be cleaned in water by professionals using special technology, detergents, and additives to minimize adverse effects. This process is followed by the most appropriate drying and restorative finishing procedures. 

Shirt Laundry

Improve your image with Lapels Dry Cleaning shirt laundry service. Nothing spells success like our professionally laundered shirts. We provide several options for shirt starch; light, medium, or heavy and you can have your shirts hung or nicely folded.

Our gentle cleaning solutions keep your shirts white and colors bright. Trust us with any of your dress shirt needs.

Same Day Service

Lapels Dry Cleaning offers same day service at all of our locations on Monday through Friday. Clothing items dropped off by 8:30am can generally be available by 6pm the same day. Items dropped off on a Saturday or Sunday can generally be available on Monday by 6pm.

Household Items

Professional cleaning services aren’t just for clothes. We provide expert care for bedspreads, table cloths, placemats, napkins and other fine household fabrics. Our professionals gently remove even the most stubborn stains, whiten whites and brighten colors to make your entire home look beautiful. All household items will be carefully inspected, then cleaned according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Wedding Gowns

We recognize this is likely one of the most important garments you may ever own. Our commitment to quality bridal gown heir-looming, preservation and restoration is unmatched and we are honored to provide protection for your delicate memories. While many gowns can be cleaned on-site, there are some gowns that require a different level of care. In these situations, we utilize strategic partnerships with some of the most exclusive gown restoration and cleaning companies in the country. Whether your special gown is traditional or modern, embellished or simple, protect your investment and treasured memories with our elegant gown care.

Tailoring & Alterations

Lapels Dry Cleaning can provide any level of alterations you may need and our work is guaranteed. From the lengthening or shortening of your favorite pants to a complete re-tailoring of a special suit or dress, we are here to help. 

Purses, Leather and Suede

Your finest accessories often make the difference in your wardrobe. Keep them looking great by having them professionally cleaned or repaired. We can help maintain anything from Gucci and Louis Vuitton for women to Allen Edmonds and John Lobb for men. Your purses, leathers, and other fine items need the same superior treatment to remain looking as special as ever.

Wash & Fold

Life is Busy! It’s your day off. How are you going to spend it? Doing laundry is a household chore. Too bad your job, or other responsibilities leave you little time to get your laundry done. Bring it to us and we will be happy to return it to you clean and neatly folded with the freshness you will appreciate every day (undergarments excluded).